Good returns are realised ver time

Keeping faith with fundamentals, even if this means enduring short-term uncertainty and occasional
short-term pain

Earn better returns over time from riskier assets

Go against the crowd when markets are at extremes

Investing for the long term means you are able to take on riskier assets, which should deliver better results to make up for taking on more risk.

It can be daunting - with returns accumulating slowly and unpredictably, but over time, these assets can produce more favourable results.

The largest losses tend to arise from following the crowd. Yet, choosing to stand apart is often one of the most difficult investment decisions.

In these situations, a long-term orientation gives you the flexibility to take positions against the crowd, especially when markets are at extremes.

Long-termism is not just a principle. It must be put into practice.

This requires patience, courage and discipline from everyone involved.

This enables us to make the most of our
total portfolio, and to reap sustainable
long-term returns to secure
Singapore’s financial future.

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